Vuse 2 Pods | 5.0% | 5 Count Box

促銷價$80.00 USD

  • for use with the VUSE Alto Kit
  • 5% nicotine straight
  • 1.8ml pre-filled menthol flavor pod
  • 2 Pods in a pack
  • 5 packs in a box

Are you an avid fan of the minty goodness that subjects the senses to a complete reboot, revitalizing them and reinvigorating the taste buds? Perhaps the VUSE Alto Pods Menthol should be your top preference. This immaculate pod setup carries a capacity of 1.8ml, sporting a medium bodied essence of 5% or 2.4%. Picture yourself never having to worry about overpowering the senses and encroaching upon their threshold, enjoying a smooth vaping experience that soothes the throat. Now, imagine puffing on these finest VUSE pods and envisage yourself completely redefining your perspective on the art of vaping forever!